The Complete Wargames Handbook

The Complete Wargames Handbook: How to Play, Design and Find Them was written by James F. Dunnigan. The book is itself an update of an earlier book of the same title published in 1980. The 2nd Edition went out of print in 1997 but is currently available for free online; a 3rd Edition was subsequently published in paperback in 2000, incorporating information on the growing importance of computers in the wargaming hobby.

The book gives a very brief overview of basic concepts related to wargaming, and provides a history of the modern commercial hobby, highlighting SPI's role in the development of same. Unlike the other references listed on the books page, there is a chapter devoted to the actual design process involved in making wargames. There are two chapters on computer wargames, and a demographical survey of who plays board wargames. Some bibliographies range in usefulness, varying from such things as a list of all computer wargame titles published up until 1992, and a bibliography of all of Dunnigan's designs.

Unlike the other references, there are no thumbnail descriptions of wargame titles (aside from those that Dunnigan lists in his personal bibliography). There is also little discussion of tactical-level games.


The Complete Wargames Handbook (Revised Edition)
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