Yaquinto Publications

Yaquinto Publications was a publishing firm own by Robert Yaquinto in Dallas, Texas. In March 1979 Yaquinto employed Steve Peek and Craig S. Taylor, two experienced wargame designers, to create a competitive game company.

Like Avalon Hill, Yaquinto had the advantage of in-house publishing services. Their games offered innovative features; counters were on thick cardboard providing for easier handling, and "album games" were modeled after the storage system employed by vinyl music recordings of the day in that maps, counters and rules were designed to fit into the cardboard sleeve used to house a double record set.

Founded: March 1979
Produced: ►Tactical Wargames
Demise: 1983

Also like Avalon Hill, Yaquinto branched into non-wargaming titles, and its wargaming titles covered a wide array of eras and genres, with non-tactical wargaming titles outnumbering tactical titles. The trilolgy of 88/Panzer/Armor by James M. Day were popular, and the game system was continued into the modern era later by Avalon Hill's MBT and IDF titles. Likewise, Craig Taylor's man-to-man game of Second World War combat, Close Assault, also received an update by Avalon Hill in the modern era Firepower. Two other non-descript tactical titles were published before the Yaquinto's wargaming interest was closed in 1983, presumably due to diminishing returns. The company's primary business interest, printing, remained in operation.

Tactical Games Published by Yaquinto

Year Title Type
1979 88 Board
1979 Panzer Board
1980 Beachhead Board
1980 Armor Board
1983 Close Assault Board
1983 Commando Actions Board

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