Game Designer's Workshop

Best known for strategic game Europa, as well as science fiction and military-themed science fiction role-playing games that are beyond the scope of this website, GDW nonetheless also produced a respectable number of true military tactical titles during their existence, notably the Assault series as well as modern tactical miniatures rules such as Command Decision. The company was founded by Frank Chadwick, Rich Banner, Marc Miller, and Loren Wiseman on 22 June 1973. One source states that the company produced a new product, on average, every 22 days until the company disbanded due to financial troubles on 29 February 1996.

GDW published the first issues of The Grenadier as its own house organ, but quickly expanded the coverage and sold the magazine to J. Tibbetts and Son after twelve issues. GDW also published Command Post/Command Post Quarterly in support of its miniatures games.

Founded: 1973
Produced: ►Tactical Wargames
Demise: 1996



Tactical Games Published by Game Designer's Workshop

Year Title Type
1977 Trenchfoot Board
1980 Tacforce Miniatures
1983 Assault: Tactical Combat in Europe 1983 Board
1984 Boots & Saddles (Assault) Board
1985 Reinforcements (Assault) Board
1986 Bundeswehr (Assault) Board
1986 Command Decision Miniatures
1987 Team Yankee Board
1988 Chieftain (Assault) Board
1988 Combined Arms Miniatures
1988 Test Of Arms Board
1990 Over The Top! Miniatures
1991 Battlefield: Europe Board
1991 The Sands of War Board
1992 The Sands of War Expansion Kit Board
1992 Command Decision II Miniatures
1993 Blood & Thunder Board 2008-present    email: The Tactical Wargamer