FASA Corporation published RPGs, wargames and boardgames after its creation in 1980 by Jordan Weisman and L. Ross Babcock III, both cadets at the US Merchant Marine Academy. The company name was an acronym for "Freedonian Aeronautics and Space Administration", a humorous reference to the fictional country referenced by the Marx Brothers in "Duck Soup."  The company was headquartered in Chicago, Illinois and begun with an initial investment of $350.00.

FASA first produced supplements for the GDW role playing game Traveller and further established itself with science fiction and fantasy titles, including futuristic military titles such as BattleTech. The only true historical military title produced by FASA was the Behind Enemy Lines RPG in 1982.

In 1985, Jordan Weisman's father Mort joined FASA to take leadership of operational management after selling off Swallow Press, a book publishing business. The injection of capital took the company into a new direction, diversifying into books and miniature figures. FASA also took an interest in computer games, and Microsoft eventually acquired subsidiary FASA Interactive, which Babcock accompanies.

Founded: 1980
Produced: ►Military Role Playing Game
Demise: 2001, still exists as corporation with intellectual property rights


FASA ceased their active business operations in April 2001 while retaining intellectual property rights, and still exist as a corporation. Several properties, including the lucrative BattleTech and Shadowrun interests, were sold to the independent Whizkids venture formed by Jordan Weisman, then back to FASA. In 2007, an announcement was made that a new venture named Smith & Tinker, also run by Weisman, had regained the intellectual property rights to these interests.

Behind Enemy Lines remains a rarity among Role Playing Games in having conventional Second World War military forces as its theme.

Military Tactical Wargames Published by FASA

Year Title Type
1982 Behind Enemy Lines RPG

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