Decision Games

Decision Games was founded by Christopher Cummins in 1988 and originally known as Cummins Enterprises.

In 1989, Decision Games gained control of both The Wargamer and Fire & Movement and in 1991, acquired the rights to Strategy & Tactics. The Volume 2 of The Wargamer was combined with Battleplan and released under the title of Moves. The three surviving magazines put out a combined 22 issues per year at the time of the acquisitions; additional Decision Games hosted three game conventions annually in Los Angeles. A mail order house specializing in out of print games, Christopher's Corner, was "colocated" with Decision Games according to the editorial in Strategy & Tactics #140.

Founded: 1988
Produced: ►Tactical Wargames
Demise: -


After the acquisition, Decision Games continued to release boxed magazines as well as games in the pages of Strategy & Tactics, but to date, has shown little interest in tactical titles. A reprint of Firefight is available at the publisher's website. Additional magazines were introduced in the S&T format. World at War, beginning publication in 2008, focuses on the Second World War, and Modern War on contemporary conflicts. Like S&T, each adopted the format of including a game in each issue. 2008-present    email: The Tactical Wargamer