World Wide Wargames

World Wide Wargames (3W) was founded by Keith Poulter in 1977, located in the United Kingdom and moved to California. Poulter was a prolific magazine producer in addition to producing wargames. In addition to publishing The Wargamer, he also briefly produced Strategy & Tactics as well as Moves. Few titles in the tactical realm were produced despite the number of games released in both boxed and magazine format by 3W. Battle Cry! was a mostly ignored man-to-man game based on Gameform's Combat that was intended to be the first of a series of games that never materialized; however 3W did negotiate a unique licensing agreement to produce scenario packs for the original Squad Leader game. The Battle Cry! system was used in one other 3W product, the game Iron Cross, produced when 3W was publishing Strategy & Tactics.

Founded: 1977
Produced: Tactical Wargames
Demise: 1995

Issue No. 23 of Breakout! (Sep-Dec 1986) contained a description of the company:

The first three years of World Wide Wargamers [sic] was a part-time, solo labour of love. From issue #13, (The Wargamer) was printed in Hong Kong, which resulted in some notorious difficulties. Eventually Keith and his school (at which he taught) parted company and he took to publishing The Wargamer full-time.

The magazine has come a long way since then. Keith employs five full-time staff and a total of 12 people are closely involved with the publication.

The company employs two teams of graphic designers. Remarkably, of the total staff only three are male - (Contributing Editor) Nigel Slater and I decided his office would be a nice place to work!

WWW is in the wonderful position of having designers tripping over themselves in their anxiety to have their works published. Eight or nine complete games are ready to go at any one time; Keith is very proud of the fact that 25% of all wargames published are now being published in The Wargamer.

In Strategy & Tactics No. 140 (February 1991), it was announced that "after 14 years of publishing wargame magazines Keith Poulter has had enough." Christopher Cummins of Decision Games purchased magazine rights, and 3W continued to produce boxed games until 1995.

Tactical Games Published by World Wide Wargames

Year Title Type
1986 Battle Cry! Board
1988 Pegasus Bridge Board
1990 Iron Cross (S&T Magazine game) Board
1992 Tarawa: Bloody Betio Board 2008-present    email: The Tactical Wargamer