Tactical Wargamer's Journal

The Editor of Tactical Wargamer's Journal is always looking for high-quality articles to include in future issues.


Articles should provide original research and analysis on topics within TWJ's scope of coverage. This is defined to include commercial board wargames, miniatures (or "table-top") wargames and PC wargames that simulate land warfare in the 20th and 21st Centuries, specifically at the man-to-man, squad/section, and platoon/company level. The aim of TWJ is to explore both the history of land warfare in this period at that level, as well as the history of the commercial wargaming hobby itself.

Types of Articles

TWJ welcomes queries regarding a wide range of articles, and has a number of running features that may interest prospective authors.

Current running features include:

  • Diversity of Design: analyses of methods of modelling particular types of equipment, units, or other detail, with comparisons and contrasts across different games.

  • Minis & Modders: information articles on uniforms, insignia, vehicle markings and other topics related to cosmetic appearance of soldiers, equipment and terrain.

  • Platform Comparison: comparing and contrasting two or more games that portray the same subject, or alternately, multiple scenarios of the same game that portray the same action.

  • Wargaming & Reality: a study of "real world" military procedures and practices and how they influence game design.

Other types of articles that have seen print or would be of interest to the editor include:

  • After Action Reports (AARs) - preferably with two players and a neutral commentator and heavily illustrated, a good AAR will feature analysis of game play and comment on the accuracy of the game design itself.

  • "How to" articles regarding elements of game/scenario design, whether for specific games or as general interest.

  • Game play/strategy articles

  • Game variants, including scenarios. Of most interest would be those variants/scenarios accompanied by designer and playtest notes.

  • Military history pieces, putting smaller tactical actions into context.

  • Unit histories, particularly of those units singled out by game/scenario designers for special attention, with discussion of how those units are portrayed uniquely in tactical wargames.

  • Industry history, exploring the history of commercial tactical wargaming itself.


To date, each issue of TWJ has been "themed" with articles in each issue generally concentrating around single subjects.

  • Issue 1 - the Eastern Front 1941-45

  • Issue 2 - the U.S. Army in Normandy June-July 1944

  • Issue 3 - the British Commonwealth in North-West Europe 1944-45

Future issues hope to explore more of the conflicts of the 20th and 21st Centuries. These topics will be governed by reader appeal and availability of material/submissions.


Articles in TWJ are for the most part thoroughly researched from primary and secondary sources and include footnotes for the benefit of the reader, in the manner of a scholarly journal. Submissions should generally be written in this manner, i.e. in the third person.


If you are interested in writing for Tactical Wargamer's Journal, please contact the Editor of Tactical Wargamer's Journal.


There is no set schedule for remuneration. If accepted for publication, you will receive at minimum an electronic copy of the issue in which your article sees print. Further remuneration is negotiable by contacting the editor.


Electronic submissions must be in Microsoft Word or Open Office, with the documents sent as attachment(s) to: Attention of the Editor of Tactical Wargamer's Journal. Please do not send your manuscript as PDF or in other formats. If there are technical difficulties in sending your manuscript as an MS Word or Open Office file, please contact us about alternatives. 2008-present    email: The Tactical Wargamer