Operation Warboard

Operation Warboard was a set of miniatures rules published in the mid-1970s. Author Gavin Lyall had served two years in the Royal Air Force in the early 1950s, been a cartoonist for a student newspaper while attending Cambridge, worked as a reported, and was a film director for the BBC. He married author and journalist Katherine Whitehorn, and Lyall gained fame as a writer of suspense novels.1 His interest in wargaming led to his starring in "Battleground", a Tyne-Tees television show on miniatures wargaming in 1978.2

The set of Battleground

The book was originally published in hardcover by Adam and Charles Black in 1976, and later in paperback by Pan Publishing.3

The game is remembered today mainly for the unique grid used to calculate machine gun attacks, and for being one of the pioneer treatments in the U.K. of playable miniature rules.


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Operation Warboard

Developer: Bernard Lyall & Gavin Lyall
Publisher: Adam and Charles Black/Pan Publishing
Date of Release: 1976
Scale: Platoon
Players: 2 or more
Campaign Type: N/A
Components: ►rules book


Paperback Edition


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