Yaah! Magazine was founded in 2015, with a promise to publish four issues per year, with a game and feature article related to it in each issue.

From the publisher's website:

Yaah! magazine is a new kind of periodical. An independent digest that covers all types of war and strategy games, regardless of their publisher.

We’re independent. Despite being owned by Flying Pig Games, we aren’t about Flying Pig Games, nor are we about smashing the competition in dark-hearted reviews. We only write articles about one thing: Games we love. Well, okay, we also write a small bit of history. Life is too short to write about the bad stuff.

Cover Gallery - Yaah!


Issue No. 1
Feb 2015
Issue No. 2
May 2015
Issue No. 3
Sep 2015
Issue No. 4
Nov 2015
Issue No. 5
Feb 2016
Issue No. 6
May 2016
Issue No. 7
Sep 2016
Issue No. 8
Jan 2016 (sic)
Issue No. 9
May 2017
Issue No. 10
Oct 2017
Issue No. 11
Apr 2018
Issue No. 12
Feb 2019
Issue No. 13
Nov 2019
Issue No. 14
Jun 2020


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