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Command & Strategy had a short initial run of six issues, published in English out of Germany by Udo Grebe Gamedesign.

After issue 6, the publisher considered replacing the title by Vae Victis International and publishing full English versions of Vae Victis wargames. Apparently this plan was partially changed, and as of this writing, a seventh issue has appeared under the title Command & Strategy, with wargames from the French Vae Victis magazine featured as the insert.1

Of especial interest to modern era tactical gamers were a number of articles, and games such as Blitzkrieg 1940: Hannut and Stonne, a grand tactical treatment of armoured combat.

Article listing (Issue 1-6)2:

Command & Strategy #1
  • History of Assyria #1Pearl Harbour #1 (collectible boardgame)
  • The Tough Choice #1
  • Napoleonic Reenactment
  • Tanks of The Spanish Civil War
  • 40 colour pages + one countersheet
Command & Strategy #2
  • Tank Action, A Panzer Commander Afrika quick card mini game.
  • "The Tough Choice" part II
  • Cannibals at War - The Interview
  • History of Assyria part II
  • Johen Bell Hood
  • Mysteries of the Handschar
  • Pearl Harbor part II (collectible boardgame)
  • 40 colour pages + one countersheet + one sheet of cards
Command & Strategy #3
  • Operation Kadesh. By Paul Rohrbaugh. The Suez Crisis of 1956.
  • Pearl Harbor Part III (collectible boardgame)
  • History of Assyria part III
  • The Football War
  • Ghosts of Gettysburg
  • ASL-Ecke
  • 48 colour pages + one countersheet
Command & Strategy #4
  • Comrade Koba . The Card Game of Stalinist Survival.
  • Pearl Harbor Part IV (collectible boardgame)
  • An Opium War
  • Building a City Block
  • The Playtester From Hell
  • ASL-Ecke
  • 48 colour pages + one countersheet + one sheet of cards


Command & Strategy #5
  • The Massive Empires of Apocalypse 2.0 Rulebook.
  • Wings over Arras - complete mini game on the 1917 Air War.
  • Comrade Koba - the game of Stalinist Survival is expanded with more Comrades and event cards.
  • WWI Air Combat special.
  • The battle for Jylland 1940
  • On the Road to Gettysburg Operation Felix
  • An Empires of the Apocalypse Scenario.
  • Napoleon at just about anywhere
  • The Greatest Wargame EVER
  • 36 colour pages + one countersheet + two sheet of cards + one massive rule-book

Issue #6 Features:
Young Mr Twitt goes to war. Life as an officer in the Napoleonic Wars.
The Last Panzer Attack.
On the Road to Chickamuga
The Dean Essig Interview. A 6-page chat with the king of supply.
Roads to Leningrad - review.
The Behind the Cardboard. A true and truly moving story.
Armies of Oblivion - review.
XXX in Gothenburg. At last some quality entertainment.
Sink the Nittu Maru.
The Playtester From Hell

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  2. Publisher's website: 2008-present    email: The Tactical Wargamer