Battleplan Magazine

Battleplan was an ambitious magazine introduced by Diverse Talents, Inc. (DTI) in 1987. Printed on low grade newsprint, the publication provided scenarios and variants for a wide variety of titles by different publishers. The last three issues were published by World Wide Wargames after their buyout of DTI.

Irregularly printed, and dormant until the buyout of 3W by Decision Games, Battleplan was officially merged with Volume 2 of The Wargamer into a relaunch of Moves in 1991.

Despite the poor physical quality and short life of the magazine, there was a great deal of content to appeal to tactical gamers, depending on their libraries. Aside from the Victory Games Insider, Battleplan appears to have been virtually alone in printing additional content for Ambush!, for example, providing a variant in #2 and a complete scenario complete with Mission and German character cards in #4 .

Scenarios for both Squad Leader and Advanced Squad Leader appeared during the magazine's run, as well as a solitaire scenario for Up Front. Even obscure tactical games like Trenchfoot received attention in the pages of Battleplan, as well as Sniper!, Western Front Tank Leader, Platoon, Team Yankee, Raid on St. Nazaire, and Red Star/White Star.

Cover Gallery/Issue Listing

Mar/Apr 1987
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May/Jun 1987
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Jul/Aug 1987
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Sep/Oct 1987
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Jun/Jul 1988
No 6
Aug/Sep 1988
No 7
Jan/Feb 1989
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