Super Tank I

Super Tank I was an expansion of SPI's Tank and Expanded Tank rules. It was produced in 1976 by Strategic and Tactical Studies. The rules list the following credits:

Donald Curtiss Hamilton - Design & Rules
Bruce Hasselle - Design & Graphics
Chris Hasselle - Playtest & Production
Chris Gonzales - Production
Julie Hasselle - Paste up & Photography
Mike Markowitz - Historic Research & Development
Strategist War Game Club - Brookhurst Hobbies - Playtesting
Art Line Steel Rule - Die cut & Counter printing
Di-Line Corp. - Printing1

Viewed in the context of a game that predated Squad Leader by a year, the components and subject material are most impressive. The map contains a variety of terrain that would characterize the Squad Leader maps a year later, and even included terrain that wouldn't see use in the SL series until Crescendo of Doom, such as rivers and fords. The map itself was scaled for use with 1:285 miniatures and was almost 5 feet long. According to the rulebook:

Super Tank is the first real cross between miniatures and board games having the best systems of both worlds including the most realistic hills and terrain of any tactical board game made.

The game differed from Tank in focusing exclusively on the 1939-45 time period, but introduced additional rules and a large number of unit types, including AFVs from Germany, Italy, Japan, France, USSR, Britain and the United States.  There were infantry orders of battle for all those nationalities, with the addition of Poland.

What the game lacked was either a point-purchase system for creating scenarios, or even ready-made scenarios. The rulebook stated:


We have left the development of historic or larger scenarios up to the individual gamer's enthusiasm...It is possible that at some future date (at your insistence) we can create maps and units for special historical battles.


  1. Super Tank I rulebook. The "Strategist War Club" was listed as CLub, presumably inadvertently.

Super Tank I

Developer: Donald Curtiss Hamilton
Bruce Hasselle
Publisher: S.A.T.S. Publications
Date of Release: 1976
Scale: Squad Level
Players: 2
Campaign Type: None
Components: ► unmounted 54" x 34" map
► 2 x 11" x 17" mini-maps
► 2 x 8-1/2" x 11" CRTs
► eight 11" x 14" counter sheets (448 infantry and 960 AFV counters)
► 16 page rules booklet
► 2 x 8-1/2" x 5" zip-loc bags for counter storage
Prerequisites: ►An expansion of SPI's Tank and Expanded Tank rules
Add-ons: none

The game was sold in a 12" x 15-1/2" ziploc bag. All images from the webmaster's collection.

The counters were die-cut from flimsy card-stock, but were vibrantly colour-coded.

The map was over 1800 square inches. The webmaster's copy included an errata sheet printed in April 1976. 2008-present    email: The Tactical Wargamer