Rommel's Panzers

Rommel's Panzers was perhaps the first military "micro-game" with a modern land tactical theme, certainly the first to be marketed by the company who became famous for inventing the concept, MetaGaming. The first "microgame", a sci-fi ground combat title named Ogre, was released by that company in 1977.

Rommel's Panzers is set in the North African desert, with units consisting of individual tanks, anti-tank guns, and trucks. There are six scenarios included, and rules are divided into a basic set, and an advanced set, the latter which includes off-map artillery and land mines. The basic rules include procedures for vehicle facing, overruns of anti-tank guns and hidden initial placement.


Strategy & Tactics

No. 40  

►"PanzerArmee Afrika and the War in the Desert, June 1940-December 1942" by Albert A. Nofi (Historical)

Fire & Movement

No. 60  

►"World War II Anthology: Chapter 1: The Mediterranean Theatre" by Vance von Borries (Review)1


No. 54  

►"Prelude to Afrika Korps" by Robert W. Garbisch (Historical)
►"Simulating the Desert War: Confessions of a Frustrated War Gamer" by J.E. Pournelle (Analysis/Historical)


No. 28   ►"Rommel's Panzers" by Paul King (Review)


  1. The site mentions that F&M 60 reviews Rommel's Panzers in this issue, but the article actually notes that "Missing from the reviews below is Rommel's Panzers (Metagaming, C. 1982), marketed as a "microgame."


Rommel's Panzers

Developer: Game design by Roger Damon
Edited by Keith Gross
Publisher: MetaGaming
Date of Release: 1978
Scale: Platoon level
Players: 2
Campaign Type: None
Components: ► unmounted 14" x 12" map
► 20 page rules booklet
► 42 1/2" counter sheet
► 84 1/2" counter sheet
Add-ons: none 2008-present    email: The Tactical Wargamer