Guerilla was reviewed in Moves as follows:

Of more than unusual interest is Maplay's Guerrilla (sic), published in England. A tactical-level game that seems to be more operational than anything, this simulation of the guerrilla warfare in Indonesia in the '60's is a great deal of fun with its surprise attacks, helicopters and canoes and unknown victory conditions. A gruelling game for both players, Guerrilla is the quintessential "amateur" game: good, playable and flavorful, with that touch of individuality that is so often lacking from the larger companies...Guerrilla may be purchased for $8 from Omar DeWitt, 547 Riverside Drive, Elizabeth, N.J. 07208.1

The game is described in the Comprehensive Guide to Board Wargaming as:

A large map and neat counters simulate the activities of a Ghurka battalion in Sarawak during the Indonesian confrontation with Malaysia. Secret victory conditions, ambushes, infiltration, hidden guerilla units, canoes, helicopters and the construction of chopper-pads in villages. Great attention to detail, but supply rules odd; movement uses a rather old-fashioned method.2



Nr. 23 Feb-Mar 1973 ►"F.O." by Richard Berg (Review)


  1. Moves, Issue 23

  2. Palmer, Nicholas The Comprehensive Guide to Board Wargaming


Developer: B. Stuart
Publisher: Maplay Games, Ltd.
Date of Release: 1974
Players: 2
Campaign Type: None
Components: ► 16 page rule booklet
Add-ons: none

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